Tiny Monsters

So, there's this app game I play called Tiny Monsters. It's a breed 'em, hatch 'em, hybrid 'em type of game. TinyCo. hosted a contest for players to design a cover photo for their Facebook page. This is my entry, which won. = )

You can view their page here.

Game Grumps Animated - "Aggro Crag Wait For You Is He's"

My first go at a Game Grumps animatic. Had a lot of fun with this one.

I Ain't Even Mad

A three-toed sloth I drew for a friend.


A friend of mine gave me a little wooden owl, so I drew on it. = )

The Fun Will Never End

Sara lives in the Bamboozle Forest in the Land of Wah. Accompanied with her giant ferret companion The Dook, they travel forth on fantastical adventures embarked on the ultimate quest to retrieve their memories.
 OC art inspired by Adventure Time.

Life Is Over

Superman is dead.
Vent art about student loans.

Mujina no Uta

Or translasted, "The Badger Song."

This is my submission for a yokai contest I entered (won second place). We were given a color palette at random and needed use only the shades and hues of those colors.
I went with a very flat, vector like image, a compliment to traditional Japanese art. Featured is a giant Mujina, or badger yokai, and the woman is a Noppera-bō, or faceless ghost which the Mujina are sometimes associated with.