Helping Mr. Underoot

The third installment for my thesis.
As a punishment for disobeying, the otter kids are sent to help Mr. Underoot with chores and errands for a few days. Aside from being a grouch and recluse, the kids begin to realize that Mr. Underoot is more lonely than mean, and is hiding well the reasons why.

Here, Mr. Undertoot notices William's attention on an old, directional lantern. At first, the badger warns him that it's very old and fragile and not to touch it, but then goes on to explain what it is and how it works.

Mr. Underoot turned out WAY better than I thought he would. On a side note, and revealing more my love for names and meaning, his full name is Bhruic Underoot which basically translates to "badger who lives under the roots."